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Select the most used media in a country and support for overseas digital advertising campaigns

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Research Optimal Media in A Global Market
By researching the past cases and current strategies of competitors, we will pick the most appropriate media for digital advertising campaigns. Also, we provide a successful stories of competitors and its scheme, and our own past approach on digital advertisement.

Cost-effective Reach to Overseas Target Users
With collaborating local staff in more than 20 countries, we will create advertising creatives and make strategies to acquire new customers based on your budget. Collaboration with native staff in the local area allows creatives to be advertisements that fit in locally.

Designing Digital Advertising Strategy According to KPI
Specialized staff will propose advertising strategies with ongoing analysis and improvement. Based on the past cases and research on market trends, we will provide the latest information.

Ad Management in Majisuka Corp.


Selection of Optimal Solutions in Developing Markets
We are often asked by our clients which country should be reached first. From the past cases and our experiences, we will propose which country to target in advance of implementing the advertising campaign. If we conclude digital advertising may not be the best solution to increase the sales, we will offer alternative plans and support your business expanding overseas.


Calculate Acquisition Costs and Implement Profitable Advertising Campaigns
Digital advertising can be implemented with a wide range of budgets, from a few hundreds dollars per month to several ten thousand dollars. Rather than spending a large budget from the very beginning, we adjust acquisition costs and LTV (customer lifetime value) through repeated trials of small amounts of budgets and elevate advertisements to cost-effective campaigns. Based on successful patterns in one country, we create advertising patterns that can be applicable in other countries to acquire users in various countries and regions.


Propose Improvements to Products Matched to The Target Country Based on Affinity with Local Social Media.
The usage of the product or service will be different in different countries. Sometimes, it is necessary to adapt the product itself to the market due to the limited capability of tuning advertising creatives and using media. When we look at users overseas, we see many cases where the same service used in one country is completely different in Japan. By analyzing the results of digital advertising and the trend of users who actually use the service, we make proposals that can redefine the position of the product in that country.