Social Media Manegiment

By operating a popular local SNS, we support gaining overseas fans that lead to sales.

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Acquisition of New Customers Overseas
Through Instagram stories features and original campaigns, we facilitate communication between your service and users. We will plan actions that will convert your followers into fans and lead to sales.

Boosting Your SNS Reach
We support communityzation by a specific target group and increase followers' sense of belonging. Also, by increasing the number of loyal followers, information about the product will be easier to spread, and create a situation where the product will be spread by followers.

Analysis of Offshore Competitors
We target your competitors in other countries and analyze their policies and posting patterns. By doing so, we create original contents that differentiate your company from your competitors.

Social Media Manegiment in Majisuka Corp.


Commitment to New User Acquisition As Well As Branding
SNS operation will be not only an opportunity for enhancing your brand formation, but also to attract new users through campaigns and spread by other users. When managing a community on social media, there are projects that are company-centered, but user-driven projects can increase the sense of belonging among the followers.


Initial Followers Acquisition Using Hashtags
Initial operations on social media involves attracting new followers with a focus on hashtags

Hashtag is one of the sources that forms a community, and with proper posts according to the genre and hashtag, we support gaining new followers from specific hashtags. SImilarly, by targeting a similar hashtag, it is possible to attract users with targeted demographics.


Creating Posts Beneficial to Users
To attract users on a specific hashtag, it is necessary to create posts with originality and benefits for users.

In the past, we supported social media operations and acquired 10,000 new followers in half a year by creating posts regarding information in Japan in which English speakers are interested. Not just simply repeat posting the same or similar contents, but contents targeted users would like to know will make them think that they want to follow that account.
By analyzing the trend on social media according to your products or services, we will create original contents dedicated to your account and support gaining followers.

By combining those strategies with native languages in your target location, and posting beneficial posts for users, we can help your company attract new users and run successful campaigns.

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